Players deserve better

It's the end of the beginning.

Play-to-earn is not representative of what this new medium will become. Nor are Web 2.5 games with tacked-on token economies.

The first great Web3 games will have to be more fun, more interactive than established trad games. Not in spite of the blockchain, but because of it.

We're manifesting this with novel infrastructure for normal game devs to easily create and balance economies with the full power of Unreal & Unity.

Who we are

We're tools-first game devs who built Unreal Engine 5, and we've refactored the tech stack for Web3 game dev.

Our mission

Empowering devs and players with ethical, provably sustainable monetization that adds to the fun.

Our Leadership

Evan Hatch
Evan Hatch

Founder and CEO

  • 5 years infrastructure software VC experience
  • Award winning 3D artist
  • BA Economics from University of Pennsylvania
Kristof Klipfel
Kristof Klipfel

Technical Director

  • Led team of 30 developing experimental tech for Epic Games
  • 2x Epic Megagrant recipient
  • Built virtual concert tech for Deadmau5 & Tomorrowland
Mario Funderburk
Core Engine Lead
Adam Lowman
Core Engine Dev
Jake Johnson
Full Stack
Lukas Kuosa
CG artist
Eric Vogel
Backend Dev
Cindy Xu
UX Designer
Our Values

Open source gaming

30+ years

Unreal experience


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Partners Worldwide

The meta has shifted

We're not content with the state of Web3 gaming.