Next generation

 virtual economies

Next generation

 virtual economies

Instant Games

Instant in browser

From URL link to fun in 10 seconds

(e.g. not WebGL)

Escape marketplaces ***

Distribute your game instantly without ** 

Deliver with *** tamper-proof containers. Or install and render locally, it's up to you

Cross platform

Unreal wrapped in **

Take advantage of browser, javascip libraries like Ethers and Webjs

Don't make players bounce out to other sites to engage with your economy? in in-game interfaces with your game's branding


Wallet Installs


Marketplace Volume


Created Assets


Partners Worldwide

Trusted by millions

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Speedrun user acquisition

UA is changing- inherit the network effects of

Speedrun community growth by onboarding users from existing Web3 and Web2 economies

build on top of existing metagame** 
port fantbase

Retrofit NFT projects and *** with utility by *

Powering actually fun Web3 gaming
Our Economy Engine seamlessly integrates token economies into game logic, embedding open economies into tight gameplay that gamers demand.

Game engine code programmatically triggers smart contracts, and on-chain state directly translate to game mechanics.
Beyond interoperability
Token primitives transform into game items with unprecedented utility  


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the power of integration


Inter-game economies

One game. Multiple chains.

Enable virtual goods from multiple chains to be used interchangably

Blockchain agnostic by default. Full read/write support for 5 blockchains, with more on the way.

UX better than any traditional game

End-to-end player infrastructure abstracts away complexity for users
Instant time-to-fun

1-click signup with Metamask or social networks like Discord

Headache-free wallets

Provisioned non-custodial wallets simplify key management

Fully on-chain identity

Wallets become the singular passport to an entire ecosystem


P2P barter and DEX transactions that feel like gameplay

Pay with fiat

Embedded on/off-ramps and NFT checkout


Support for any EVM-compatible chain (with more on the way)

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